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Is It Safe To Run My AC Unit During A Storm?

It doesn’t rain much in Amarillo, but when it does, we can have big thunder and lightning storms and excessive high winds. Usually, heat and humidity are a precursor to those storms which makes you want to keep that AC jacked up! I often hear from clients who ask “Should I be concerned about my HVAC system during these storms?” Here’s some helpful information.

Should I Run My AC If Lighting Strikes?

Not often does a house get struck, but don’t ever think that it can’t happen! Even with surge protectors your home can be hit and damage not only your HVAC unit but all of the electrical system and components in your home. Wow! Can you see dollar signs now?

  • The best thing to do is turn that AC off when you hear thunder because lightning is on the way!

Remember, if your home is struck, you will need to call a licensed HVAC tech to check out your home’s HVAC system prior to turning it back on.

What About Running The AC Unit During A Calm Rainstorm?

Don’t you just love the smell and sound of a nice rainstorm? They are so much more enjoyable without the lightning! When you are blessed with those calm rainstorms, there is no need to turn off your AC.

Can I Run My AC When It Floods?

The only time you need to worry about your system during a strong rain is if flooding is involved. If you see standing water near your unit, you should turn it off. Have a professional HVAC technician come out and check the system before you turn it back on.

Do Surge Protectors Help?

Most people think surge protectors will protect all electronics from lightning strikes. This is not usually the case, unfortunately. When buying a surge protector, remember that power strips are not the same thing.