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A Home Warranty: What It Means to You

Most likely when you purchased your Amarillo home, you received a home warranty that was bought by the seller to cover the home for one year. Maybe you have even renewed the policy since then. I receive calls almost every day from clients who have a home warranty and need help getting repairs done. I have two main issues with a home warranty. I am not saying they are a bad investment, but I do want my clients to be informed consumers.

  1. The homeowner loses the choice of who enters their home.
  2. Most home warranties contract with local companies to perform their service. The homeowner has no say in what company is used and no assurances that the service technician has passed a background check or a drug screen.

  3. The repairs are a “break-fix”.
  4. The home warranty will only cover enough repairs to get the unit working while the technician is there. Most deductibles are $60 per service call. If the next day something else breaks and you need to call them back out, you’ll pay another $60. Had the repair man done a full system evaluation, he would have seen that the other part is about to fail and recommended replacing it on the first service call. Partial fixes can also ultimately shorten the lifespan of the main components of your HVAC unit by adding strain on items like the compressor and motors.

    In the end, what a home warranty does is take choices away from the homeowner. You cannot choose who comes to your home, or when they will be there. Some clients call us after waiting more than a week without AC – not cool in Texas! You also lose the right to decide what repair options are best for your system and your home. Although home warranties might be a good option for some of your appliances, I would do a lot of research before purchasing one for your HVAC system.

    At Gary’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we tell our clients that we will work directly for them and provide them with a detailed report of everything we checked, and our recommendations, so that they can decide what is best for their home and family.


8 Reasons to Hire Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning

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    We stand by our work and guarantee you won’t be disappointed when we’re done.

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    We’re perfectionists. We won’t leave until you’re happy with our work.

  • We Go Through ServiceExcellence Training

    We’re always learning- all techs go through rigorous training to learn their trade.

  • 0% Financing

    Life can get expensive- that’s why Gary’s offers 0% financing to help you out!

  • We Have the TechniciansSeal of Safety

    Each tech is drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained.

  • 5 Year LaborWarranty!

    We offer a 5 year labor warranty for members of Gary’s Maintenance Program.

  • Family Owned &Operated Since 1978

    We’ve been in the business for decades. Rest assured we know a thing or two about HVAC.

  • Factory AuthorizedDealers

    This means we have equipment & XCEL rebates ALL YEAR long!

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