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Let us show you how to make the indoor air quality in your home better than outdoors

The indoor air quality can actually be worse than the outside air in a major city. There can be noxious and/or toxic gasses, volatile organic compounds, allergens, mold, viruses, bacteria and of course those nagging odors.

The American Lung Association
Health Risks of Particle PollutionAmerican Lung Association

“Particle pollution is a lethal air pollutant. Particle pollution is made up of microscopic specks of soot, metals, acids, dirt, pollen, molds and aerosols that are tiny enough to inhale. These particles are many times smaller than the diameter of a human hair”.

The American Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association

“While it’s easy to see when you need to dust or sweep, it’s harder to know when the air in your home needs cleaning. In fact, the indoor air you breathe can be hazardous to your health without any telltale signs. Indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors. Don’t let the air in your home threaten your family’s health, especially if someone in your family has asthma or another lung disease.”

A Whole-House Approach to Indoor Air Quality

At Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand your family's health and well-being are your highest priorities. If you believe your home may be suffering from poor indoor air quality (IAQ), we can develop a strategy that will eliminate foul smells, toxic pollutants and other airborne irritants.

The Two Facets of Great Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air and Humid Air

Components of this strategy may include:

  • AIR Cleaners and Filters: Many people have never been taught the difference between air filters and air cleaners. The effectiveness of both are measured in MERV, which is a technical way of telling you the size of solid particulate will be captured.
  • Air filters have a MERV rating of 1- 12, which means they will capture particulate from 1.0 -5.0 microns, which includes typical particulate such as most pollen, mold, spores, pet dander and air borne hair. Air filters will only capture about 10% of .3 micron particulate
  • Air Cleaners, though, have a MERV ratings up to 17!! This means they will capture particulate all the way down to 0.007. Air cleaners will obviously capture the same type particulate as filters but they will also capture fungi, bacteria, viruses and the very smallest household dust. Another major factor is that air cleaners will capture 97% of particulate .3 microns
  • IMPROVED EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE: Dirty air will cause problems with your blower wheel, blower motor and evaporator coil. Clean air will substantially increase performance and increase the life of your equipment

Humid Air

  • Humidifiers are a must for the non-cooling time of the year in our area. The indoor relative humidity can drop as low as 10%-13% and there are a number of problems associated with low humidity. The EPA recommends 30%-50%.

Benefits of Proper Indoor Air Indoor Humidity

  • BETTER HEALTH: Proper humidity levels will reduce or eliminate dry skin, irritated eyes, dryness in throat or airways, allergies, frequent coughs, bloody noses and cracked lips.
  • Better Comfort: you actually feel warmer in the winter when the humidity level is proper, which will save you operating dollars. A huge benefit is that you’ll sleep better!
  • Great for your home: Proper humidity levels are good for your wood floors, furniture and trim wood because it keeps them from losing too much moisture.

Finding the Finest IAQ Solutions

At Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, we recognize the importance of keeping the air inside your home healthy. We have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our IAQ products and services! Our team will gladly answer questions so that you can make informed decisions about your home. Whether you live in Panhandle, Claude, or beyond, we're here for you.

Call us at (806) 318-1337 today to learn more about the different products, financing options, Amarillo indoor air quality services designed to keep your home clean and smelling fresh in all seasons.

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