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Preferred Club Membership

No matter what brand of equipment you own, or where you purchased it, aundefined Preferred Club Membership Plan will give you peace of mind as the next heating or cooling season approaches.

The cost savings from fewer repairs and lower utility bills, in many cases, is much more than the $15.95 per month investment. Then when you consider the discounts for any repairs that might occur or when the time comes to upgrade your system or add indoor air quality products the savings is definitely more than the cost of the Club!

With Your Club Membership, You Get BOTH “AC and Heating Systems” Tuned Up 2 Times a Year at No Extra Charge.

  • Indoor Fan Motor Amps & Volts
  • Indoor Entering Air—DB/WB
  • Indoor Leaving Air—DB
  • Outdoor Entering & Leaving Air—DB
  • Suction Line PSIG & Temp
  • Discharge Line PSIG & Temp
  • Subcooling/Superheat
  • Safety Controls—all connected
  • Defrost Cycle—functioning
  • Emergency Heat Operation—function
  • Contactor—visual on points
  • Relays & Controls—capacitor checks
  • Electrical connections—tight/visual
  • Thermostat—Functional/Accuracy
  • Igniter/Pilot—visual check
  • Flame Sensor—visual
  • Outdoor fan motor amps & volts
  • Compressor Amps & Volts
  • Outdoor Fan Bearings—visual
  • Outdoor Fan Blade—balanced
  • Outdoor Unit and Coil—visual
  • Furnace Burners—visual
  • Heat Exchanger—visual/camera
  • Indoor Fan Bearings check for wear
  • Indoor Blower Wheel & compartment—visual
  • Check breaker size
  • Indoor Coil—video/visual
  • Condensate Drain Pan—visual check
  • Auxiliary Drain Pan—visual check
  • Condensate Drain Lines—visual check
  • Condensate Pump—visual check
  • Furnace Gas Connector—soap test
  • Furnace Flue Vent—visual
  • Flue Inducer Assembly—noisy/visual
  • Furnace Vestibule—visual
  • Return Air Plenum/platform—visual
  • Return Air Filter—Size/type
  • Ductwork—visual inspection/size
  • Static Pressure Test (blood pressure of system)
  • Manifold & Inducer pressure-check
  • Check refrigerant—1 time a year
  • CO test—annually, in fall or winter
  • Rinse outside coil (1 time year)
  • Vacuum out the vestibule
  • Blow out the drains

Fixed Right or it's Free

At Gary’s we stand by our work 100%. This is why we promise you’ll be happy with our work or you don’t pay us a dime!
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  • “I believe in your integrity and although you aren't inexpensive, nothing worthwhile is. Thanks for taking care of me.”


  • “I highly recommend Gary's to anyone who needs their heating or air conditioner repaired.”


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  • “I would give him an A+ and would request him for any future maintenance issues.”


  • “'Went the second mile' to assure that we were pleased with their work.”