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How Can I Maintain A Comfortable Humidity Level In My Home?

In Amarillo during winter time, houses can get really dry! The relative humidity can get as low as 15% in the home. That’s too low for good health and comfort. The humidity level needs to be between 35-40% for personal comfort and to protect the wood in your home. In order to get that humidity level up to a healthy and comfortable level during winter months, you must utilize a humidifier.

A very comfortable humidity level in Amarillo in the summer is about 45%-50%, Even as dry as Amarillo is in the summertime, the relative humidity in a home can be anywhere from 50-60% without refrigerated air conditioning.

When You Have Excess Humidity In The Air You Will Start To See:

  • Higher energy costs? Your AC system will have to work harder as it tries to pull the excess humidity from the air which equals to higher utility bills.
  • Not comfortable in your home in the summer? The air starts to feel sticky and the skin feels hot because the perspiration is not evaporating as it should.
  • Hard to breathe? Humid air is difficult for people with heart conditions, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders. Your home may start smelling musty and you may see condensation on windows and peeling paint. Excessive humidity is a breeding place for mold, dust mites and mildew as well.

Maintaining The Humidity Level

A whole-house humidifier & control monitors the humidity level, adding humidity only when it is needed and limiting the level of humidity to the setting you select. Many room units do not have regulators to stop the humidification process when the proper humidity level has been reached.

If you would like more information on a “whole-home humidifier” call Gary’s and a comfort specialist will be happy to answer your questions, explain the benefits, and give you a no-cost estimate.

Helpful Tips to Keep Humidity Under Control in the Amarillo Area

  • Have your ductwork inspected by a Professional HVAC technician to make sure it is sized properly
  • Have your heating and cooling system maintained at least once a year. This will ensure your system is operating properly and efficiently.
  • When upgrading the AC unit, choose a variable-speed blower to significantly improve air circulation.

For quality heating and cooling services in Amarillo, contact Gary's Heating and Air Conditoning, Inc.