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10% OFF our UV Lights---Installed in the ductwork

to kill or neutralize germs, bacteria & Viruses.

Ultraviolet Lights Clean the Air Of Germs, Bacteria & yes, Viruses!

Most people don’t know that ultra violet lights have been installed in the ductwork of hospitals for many decades. The reason is because ultraviolet light, specifically UVC, kills or neutralizes germs, bacteria & viruses. Most hospital applications are in the operating rooms areas and critical care units. They are also using portable UVC lights to put in the rooms of patients with super bugs like MRSA.

When you have a UVC light installed in your duct system the UVC light will kill or neutralize at least 98% of all airborne virus, germ & bacteria. When you have the air circulated through the system some of the virus, germ & bacteria may have to pass by the light 2-3 times before they are totally destroyed.

For more information on the Ultraviolet Lights, read our Blog >HERE<

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