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Is It Safe To Run My AC Unit During A Storm?

Wondering If It's Okay to Run Your AC During a Thunderstorm?

It doesn’t rain much in Amarillo but when it does, we can have big thunder and lightning storms and excessive high winds. The humid conditions might make you want to turn up the air but in the case of thunderstorms it’s important you turn off your AC. While rare, there is a possibility of lightning striking your home which can lead to severe damage to not only your HVAC system but also your electrical system.

If it strikes, lightning can potentially send up to five billion joules of energy through your home’s wiring in the matter of seconds before the breakers spring into action.

Some damage that can occur include:

  • Damage to your AC’s electrical circuitry
  • Corruption of the system’s controls
  • Unit’s plug can melt

Such damage can leave your AC system unusable and can require a full AC replacement. That is why it’s important to turn off your AC during a thunderstorm. At Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. we offer a full-array of air conditioning services including AC repairs and replacements. If you're home does get struck by lightning, our skilled team is only a call away to help out!

What About Running The AC Unit During A Calm Rainstorm?

Don’t you just love the smell and sound of a nice rainstorm? They are so much more enjoyable without the lightning! When you are blessed with those calm rainstorms, there is no need to turn off your AC.

Can I Run My AC When It Floods?

The only time you need to worry about your system during a strong rain is if flooding is involved. If you see standing water near your unit, you should turn it off. Have a professional HVAC technician come out and check the system before you turn it back on.

Do Surge Protectors Help?

Most people think surge protectors will protect all electronics from lightning strikes. This is not usually the case. Surge protectors are great protection for daily electrical usage but when it comes to lightning strikes, it won't do much to protect your cooling unit. If you do live in an area with many thunderstorms, it's a good idea to install a protection systems using lightning and ground rods and conductors to move the lightning away from the home.

If your AC was damaged because of a storm, it's important to get professional help. Contact our Amarillo AC technicians for fast, reliable help. Call (806) 318-1337 today!