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Air Conditioner Myths

Just like in other industries there are people, most of them well-meaning, that will tell you some doozies about refrigerated air conditioning. The problem is they will all cost you money in the short & long term. These myths will also compromise your comfort.

Myth; There is no need to clean the coils on the outside unit or Inside.

Let’s start with the outdoor unit first. When the fan is running it's pulling air through the coils, so as you would expect the coils will catch most of the dirt, pollen, dog hair, grass clippings, cottonwood lint and many other things that are airborne. When the coils are dirty they are not able to properly transfer heat. Even though your unit is still cooling it has to work harder to accomplish the job because the capacity has been reduced. This will add dollars to your electricity bill & reduce the life of your compressor.

When your indoor coil gets dirty from dust, dirt, pet & human hair and lint it’s very similar to the outdoor coil in that the heat will not transfer properly, which will reduce capacity, drive up utility costs and reduce the life of the equipment. Also, a dirty indoor coil can cause the system to freeze up.

Myth: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Will Save Money

This myth started way back in the days of floor furnaces. And while that made sense it is actually counter-productive with central heating and air conditioning systems. The first problem with closing vents to rooms drives up the static pressure (just like blood pressure) in the duct system. High blood pressure causes your body all kinds of problems as does High Static Pressure in your duct system. If your system is, let’s say, a 3 ton unit. Even though you close the vents the unit is still going to work as hard as it can to produce 3 tons. But cause of high static the system cannot distribute the 3 tons with the remaining ducts. Ductwork that leaks makes matters even worse because now even more conditioned air is going to your attic!

Myth: The Highest MERV Filter is the Best for Me

MERV is term the states what size of particulate a filter will catch. So the idea is the higher the MERV the cleaner my air will be. When you wear a mask over your nose & mouth it’s much easier to breathe when the material is very thin. Conversely, when the material is very thick you struggle to breathe.

The same is with filters. If you have a high MERV filter that is large enough your system can breathe without struggling. But if you use a lower MERV filter and change it every week instead of a high MERV filter while changing it every month or two you are probably better off.

There are very high MERV filters that breathe very easy & will actually do the best job. For more information on these go to https://www.garys.com/services/indoor-air-quality/total-home-solutions/ for extensive information.

Myth: Regular Maintenance is not Needed

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your HVAC system is similar to your automobile. They both need to be maintained. When your system is properly maintained you will be able to catch parts in the early stage of failing and replace them prior to total failure. Many times when one part, such as a capacitor, fails it can also cause another part to fail. And have you ever known of a system failing when it’s convenient?

Myth: Air Conditioning will Make you Sing Like Clint Black

True; air conditioning will not make you sing like Clint Black. But it is very important to not allow air conditioning myths to cost you money and discomfort. I invite anyone to feel free to call with any/all questions about your air conditioning system.

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