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Is the Air in Your Home Too Dry?

Dangers of Dry Air

There are several things that can indicate the indoor air in your home is too dry! If the air is dry during heating season it can make heating your home to a comfortable temperature difficult.

  • Dry air can cause minor health issues such as respiratory problems, and make you more susceptible to different viruses!
  • It can also dry out your skin and cause severe skin irritation as well as cause the mucus lining in your respiratory tract to become dry!

Did You Know?

Running Your Furnace Can Make It Worse

Running your furnace during the winter months can actually dry the air more and that in turn…leads to low levels of humidity in your home. Low humidity and dry air in your home can actually cause your heating bill to rise!!

  • When air has more moisture in it, it can hold more heat. If the moisture is lacking, you tend to increase the temperature in your home to reach your comfort level, and that then affects your utility bill.

What Can You Do?

Installing a humidifier can help circulate the right amounts of humidity in your home and that will help save money on utility bills, as well as help with the health issues caused by dry air!!