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Man working on Ducts

Very Important Information about your Ductwork!

When most homeowners think about temperature solutions for their property, they go straight to the AC and heater. However, these systems don’t work in isolation, and if your home’s ductwork isn’t functioning properly, it can drastically affect your overall comfort. At Gary’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we understand the importance of your home’s ductwork, and we provide fast and reliable duct services to homes in Amarillo and surrounding areas. 

The ductwork in your home acts as a highway for conditioned air to enter every room of your home. If that highway is not running properly, it can lead to excessive wear and tear on your HVAC systems, higher energy bills, and even poor indoor air quality. 

5 common ductwork problems: 

  1. Poorly installed systems: Ductwork should be designed with your specific home in mind. If not, the system will not allow sufficient airflow, and could potentially cause your heater and AC to overwork. 

  1. Leaks: Whether due to poor seals or damaged sections, leaks in your ductwork can cause massive loses of conditioned air, making your system inefficient and more expensive when the energy bill comes along. This can lead to restrictions in airflow and inefficient heating and cooling. 

  1. Kinks or twists: Flexible ductwork is becoming more and more popular for good reason. However, kinks or twists in the system can restrict airflow, causing blockages in your ducts. 

  1. Poor insulation: If your ducts aren’t insulated, you will lose the conditioned air before it ever reaches the desired location. This can lead to overworked heaters and ACs, causing added repairs and higher energy bills. 

Benefits of Properly Sized & Installed Ductwork 

  • Lower utility bills because you will be getting up to 97% of your cooling and heating capacity into your home (a 4 ton system will be a 4 ton system). 

  • Lower equipment failure because of proper ductwork blood pressure (static pressure). The ductwork will not be contributing to premature equipment parts failure. Your entire home will be as comfortable as humanly possible. 

  • All of the filters & return air grilles be properly sized to not restrict air flow or force too much air through the filters. 

  • A cleaner home because the new ductwork will not contribute to air infiltration and indoor air quality problems. 

Call Gary’s for a NO COST/NO OBLIGATION Ductwork Inspection!