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Why should I get a Tune-Up on my Heating and Air System?

  • An LSU study found that preventive maintenance can cut down on system failure. Finding worn or failing parts before they fail can prevent future damage to other parts.
  • LSU and Gulf States Utility found that consumers could save about $30.00 per month just by making sure that their air conditioning system was cleaned and serviced regularly through an HVAC maintenance agreement.
  • LSU study found that proper preventive maintenance of air conditioning equipment demonstrated the restoring of capacity and lowering utility cost. A 13 SEER rated unit may be somewhat lower when improperly maintained.
  • One of the largest generators of electricity in the nation, Georgia Power says, “Good maintenance practices always are a worthwhile investment.”



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  • An HVAC Preventive Maintenance Agreement can often prevent water damage due to clogged drains, clogged coils and filters, freezing coils due to refrigerant loss of airflow. Humidifiers, air conditioners and heat pumps are commonly known to be a huge source of water damage to homes if not serviced regularly.
  • Poorly serviced furnaces will cause unhealthy air to be circulated through your home which could cause allergies and sickness.
  • There is an increased danger to you if you aren’t monitoring the electrical components, gas systems & toxic by-products of combustion.
  • Manufacturer’s warranties state that you should have routine maintenance by a professional.
  • Failure to replace your filters on a regular basis as recommended can cause excessive wear, equipment failure, and increases utility costs.
  • Texas A & M University found that a 23% refrigerant undercharge could result in 52% efficiency loss. Pacific Gas and Electric found that consumers could have an average energy savings of 18.4% when refrigerant charge is correct.

Your heating and cooling system is a vital part of your home comfort, yet it is often taken for granted. Much like your automobile, it needs regular maintenance to provide you with maximum comfort, efficiency and reliability. 

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