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Home Air Conditioner Capacity Killers

In a perfect world your air conditioning system (warning; boring technical talk) should deliver approximately 400 cubic feet per minute (on standard a/c systems) for each ton of air conditioning. There are 12,000 BTU’s per ton. Most residential systems are between 2 tons & 5 tons. If your equipment is properly installed with the correct duct system, filter sizes and properly charged you will get around 92-94% of the total capacity delivered into your home.

#1 Capacity Killer

Dirty filters are the number one cause of equipment failure and the #1 reason compressors fail. Let’s say your filter is properly sized when it’s clean but you let it get so dirty it’s twice as hard for the air to move through it. That could reduce the airflow as much as 35-45%.

Dirty blower wheels will also cause airflow problems. Texas A&M discovered 1/8” of dirt build-up on the blower wheel can reduce the airflow by up to 30%.

Another Capacity Killer

Texas A&M did a study on the operation of properly operating air conditioning equipment verses improper. Their results showed a 23% refrigerant under charge could result in as much as a 52% efficiency loss.

What does this mean to me?

Remember is takes 400 cubic feet per minute to distribute one ton of cooling into your home. If your blower wheel is dirty you could lose between 200-360 CFM in a 3 ton system. If your filter is a little to a lot dirty you could easily lose 400-500 CFM on a 4 ton system. And it’s easy to see what happens on any size unit with a refrigerant undercharge. Another reality is the efficiency (SEER) is reduced as an equal percentage as well.

What are the easy solutions?

  1. When you install new equipment take care of it the same way you would a new car.
  2. If you haven’t been properly been maintaining your equipment give us a call so we can do a Full System Evaluation.
  3. Keep an eye out for our Tune-Up specials in the spring and fall to get a really great deal!

What is the ultimate solution?

A Preferred Club Membership from Gary’s is the ultimate solution for proper care & maintenance for your heating and air conditioning equipment and system. It’s a very great value when you consider we will come to your home twice each year at your convenience and do a Safety and Performance Inspection. And there’s so much more. Read about it all at www.garys.com/services/maintenance-plans/