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hot room and cold room in house

Why Are Some Rooms Too Hot and Some Rooms Too Cold?


Here are the top 5 reasons we have found this may be the case

hot upstairs cold downstairs

1. Your Heating and Air system may be the wrong size for your home.

Too small: you can experience hot and cold spots throughout your home due to the system being overtasked for its size
Too Large: The space in your home is likely to heat or cool way too quickly without your unit having time to complete full cycles.

2. Clogged Air Filters:

A dirty filter is the most common culprit for heating and air systems. A dirty filter makes your system work harder and harder to pump air through your home. This strained airflow makes it difficult to spread and regulate an even temperature in your home.

3. Insulation Problems:

Insulation is designed to keep your home warm or cool at your set temperatures and help your system regulate and maintain those preferences. When you home isn’t insulated properly, you are very likely to experience irregular temperatures as well as high energy bills.

4. Improperly Sized Ductwork:

When your heating and air system is installed, the ductwork needs to be properly assessed to determine the necessary size of air ducts need to heat and cool your home efficiently. If not properly sized, you may experience hot or cold spots in the home. Just replacing your equipment won’t solve this issue.

5. Thermostat Location:

Your thermostat is the BRAINS of your heating and air system! If your thermostat is located in a place that gets direct heat or cold, it could have a hard time gathering accurate reading and will cause irregular cooling/heating cycles.

If your home is experiencing Hot and Cold spots, give us a call today at (806) 318-1337 and we will send a Gary’s Professional out to fix your problem! 

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