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Is A Bigger HVAC Unit Really Better?

Fact Or Fiction?

“My current unit is not cooling and heating my house so I must need a bigger unit”

Reasons To Replace Your Unit

There are many times homeowners want a larger unit than the one they are going to replace because the current unit is not cooling or heating their desired level of comfort. There are many reasons the current system may not be cooling or heating properly.

  • Duct Leaks
  • Improper Freon Levels
  • Weak Unit
  • Mismatched Systems
  • Dirty Coils
  • Poor Installation
  • Builder Grade System

Having A Properly Sized HVAC System Is Crucial

When you are ready to upgrade your heating and air system, make sure a certified heating and air professional spends the time at your home to measure your home, perform a load calculation and check for any code upgrades which is ALL required by Building Safety. Providing this type of service will ensure your system is properly sized and safely installed!

Call Gary’s when you are looking at upgrading, need service, or want maintenance done on your system!