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Blower Wheels; To Clean or not to Clean? That is the Question!

Let’s take a short moment to discuss what a blower wheel is and what it does. In your furnace is a blower assembly, which consists of a motor and wheel. This blows the air through the furnace, evaporator coil and finally the ductwork into your home for both heating and cooling.

Have you ever considered just how well a clean blower wheel performs for you verses a dirty one? “1/8th of an inch of dirt and dust build-upon the blower wheel can reduce airflow by up to 30%” -Texas A&M Study

Clean blower wheelDirty blower wheel

Whether your system is in the heating mode or cooling mode the blower needs to move a critical, specific amount of air for the equipment to operate properly at its optimum. When dirt and other debris builds up on the blades the amount of air moved is reduced.

Reduced air flow in heating and cooling reduces performance that wastes utility dollars spent. Plus low airflow will cause damage to your heat exchanger on your furnace as well as the compressor in your air conditioner. The cost to repair either is very expensive.

If your system is new

Since you’re starting off with a clean blower wheel be sure to use a good filter or air cleaner to keep it in great shape. Filters and air cleaners will still allow some dust and dirt to pass through and get to the blower wheel so have a trained professional do a visual inspection every 2-4 years. If there is any build up it would be wise to have the professional clean it for you. That is one thing that can increase the life of your system and save a lot of operating dollars.

If your system is not new

There is a very good chance your blower wheel needs attention to get cleaned up. A professional can remove the blower assembly, disassemble the wheel from the motor and get it cleaned up to factory condition. Once it is back to factory condition be sure to take care of it with proper filtration. Your heating & cooling system and your wallet will both thank you!

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