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Financing Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Who Wants To Finance?

Some people want to finance their HVAC system or repairs because they don’t have that much cash available at that moment or they want to defer paying for it after income tax returns (or something that will be maturing in a few months such as certificate of deposits) or they just would rather manage the purchase with easily managed monthly payments.

When you get your new system your comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) will be greatly increased. You will also see a reduction in your utility costs to keep your home comfortable. We do not promise how much your gas & electricity bills will be reduced but we do have customers that have saved enough in utility costs to make their payment!

Different Ways To Finance

18 Months Zero Interest %

One option for many people is the 18 months with no interest. For people wanting to leave their money in an interest bearing account, stocks or 401k for a while this is a great choice because your money will be making money for you instead of taking it out to purchase your heating and air conditioning system. There will still be a monthly payment but zero interest which is a great benefit.

37 months 5.99%

This option is very good that has a very low interest rate and also you will have the loan paid in a very short time. Payments are still low and manageable.

61 Months 7.99% & 132 Months 9.99%

Both of these are excellent options for reducing your monthly payments to a very manageable level and still getting low interest rates. Depending on which system you choose your payment could be as low as $107! These two options makes it very easy to get the new system you desire and have the high comfort levels and low utility costs you deserve.

Low Credit or Bad Credit

We also have an option for you as well so you can get financing for your new heating and air conditioning system. The process for this is just as easy as all of our other options.

How Can We Help?

We would love to help you through this process. We can get finance arranged for you in your home in a matter of just a few minutes without hassle. It’s a very simple process.

You can also start the ball rolling before we get there by going to the financing section on our website, clicking on the Synchrony tab and answering a few questions. If you have low or bad credit, click on the Microf tab to get on your way to a new system!

Disclaimer: We will be happy to work with any bank or credit union of your choice!