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4 HVAC Energy Efficiency Tips

In late spring and early fall, the weather in Amarillo, TX is defined by warm days and chilly nights. The changeable temperatures can make your HVAC system work extra hard to give you consistent indoor comfort. Here are four tips to keep energy costs low whether the temps are warming up or cooling down.

Keep Windows Closed

On warm days and cool nights, you may be tempted to throw the windows open and enjoy some fresh air. However, drastic changes in temperature over the course of a day may cause your heating and cooling equipment to run longer.

  • To ensure manageable energy costs, keep the windows closed, use ceiling fans to chill out, and turn your air conditioner off.

Don’t Run Your Air Conditioner In “Fan On” Mode

Running your AC in the “fan on” mode will not cool off your home, it will actually drive up the temperature in the house because the ducts are picking up heat from the hot attic.

Keep Your Air Conditioner In “Fan Auto” Mode

If you run your AC in the “fan auto” mode, it will only turn on while your indoor air is being heated or cooled. The fan stops when the thermostat setting is reached. Sometimes you will want to run your fan constantly to clean the air by running it through the filter or to drive up the humidity in the winter if you have a humidifier.

Don’t Skip HVAC Maintenance

The easiest way to wear out your heating and cooling equipment is to skimp on annual HVAC maintenance. Even if your equipment is working perfectly, it still needs regular maintenance to stay healthy.

  • Skipping maintenance will shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system, increase the incidence of HVAC repair calls and prevent the system from running optimally.