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4 Ways To Make Your Furnace More Efficient

During winter in Amarillo, Texas, your furnace keeps your home warm and comfortable. Helping your furnace work efficiently saves you money on your energy bill and extends your furnace’s lifespan. Here are four things you can do right now to make your furnace more efficient.

Replace Furnace Filters

When a furnace’s filter gets clogged, it works harder to draw air in.

  • Changing the filter once a month — a simple DIY job — is one of the most important things you can do to improve your furnace’s efficiency.
  • Keep track of when you change the filter by jotting down the date on a new filter before installing it.
  • Also, make a note to change the filter on the winter months in your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Declutter Around The Air Intake

If storage boxes or furniture surround your furnace, it could be struggling to provide warm air to your home.

  • Keeping a clear path around your furnace’s air intake will improve heating efficiency and help your filters stay cleaner longer.
  • Moreover, vacuum around your furnace regularly to remove dust and debris.

Use A Smart Thermostat

Using a smart thermostat to adjust your home’s temperature can help your furnace operate efficiently.

  • Program your thermostat to lower the temperature in your house while you’re away during the day and when you go to sleep at night.
  • A smart thermostat can bring your home to a comfortable temperature by the time you return or wake up.

Inspect Ductwork And Have It Repaired

The money you spend on heating could be leaking away if your duct system has leaks or is poorly fitted.

  • Inspect your basement for more exposed ductwork and be sure to seal any gaps, holes, or leaks you find with a mastic sealant or metal foil tape.
  • Don’t forget to check the seal of the ductwork to vents and registers as well.
  • You may need to call in professionals if your ductwork is in need of repair or replacement.