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Why Heating Tune-Ups Are Important

It's Fall in the Panhandle again. We love the cool weather, the colors, and of course, the football! Mother Nature is being kind to us now, but we know that winter is coming. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the change in season! While being able to plant mums and buy just about anything pumpkin spice flavored makes Fall feel good, it’s smart to take the time to make sure your furnace is ready for winter. Annual maintenance is recommended by HVAC manufacturers, because it helps to prolong the life of your heating system, and can reduce your energy bills.

Certified Technicians Perform Heating Tune-Ups

Having a certified technician come to your home and perform a heating tune-up will give you peace of mind knowing your furnace won't make your family sick! Since furnaces burn natural gas, they can leak carbon monoxide. At Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., our highly trained technicians will do a thorough inspection of your system.

The Inspection Includes:

  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Camera inspection of your heat exchanger
  • Flue vent test
  • Gas pressure test
  • 26 additional points of inspection

This comprehensive service can keep your family safe and warm throughout the changing season. You won’t have to worry about sudden heating emergencies or unsafe emissions. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all the little pleasures that Fall has to offer.

Call Gary's for more information on keeping your family safe and warm this Fall and Winter.