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BBB International Torch Awards for Ethics Winner, 2018

Winner of Cozy Christmas 2018

Since 2011, Gary’s has teamed up with News Channel 10 and Carrier to find someone in need of a new furnace to stay warm year-round. Nominations open at the end of November and literally hundreds of nominations come in from the Amarillo community.

The Cozy Christmas Process

  • A designated committee goes through all the nominations to make sure the nominations go by the rules set out for this event. Many calls are made to the people who have nominated and the nominated individuals to get more details.
  • The Service Manager and Install Manager from Gary’s both take time to visit many of these nominated families to see if the job can be done based on the rules and if city codes will be followed.
  • Once the committee settles on a deserving family, they are notified and the install is done by Christmas! On more than one occasion, the recipients are given much more than just a furnace! Usually, AC and ductwork are also needed.

Each year, the committee works overtime to find just the right family/families to be the recipient. This is very difficult! Even though Gary’s doesn’t advertise this, when the two managers find a home whose system can be fixed, we do that without any payment. Many families just can’t afford repairs.

Gary’s is very blessed to have this opportunity each year to bless other deserving families! Thank you, Amarillo for helping us find people to bless!