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What Makes Gary's Different?


We know that you have many choices for an air conditioning repair service in Amarillo.

Since you have many choices of companies I would like to talk to you about value. There is so much more than a technician showing up in a van. Just as with many other products and services saving a few bucks doesn’t give you the value you need.

Picking the HVAC company for your needs deserves a lot of consideration, especially for women that will be at home alone when the technician arrives.

  1. Gary’s is drug free. But what does this mean when companies make this claim? What drug-free means with most companies is they drug test only when hiring (they usually give the person advance notice they will be drug tested in several days) and then that’s the end of testing, they never drug test again. At Gary’s, we don’t forewarn the new hires of the drug test so they can’t take substances that hide drugs. And then each year we do a random drug test to make sure they’re not sneaking something. When considering a company asks them blunt questions about their drug testing procedures.
  2. We always perform a “FULL SYSTEM EVALUATION”: What does this really mean? Each and every time we come to your home we check the thermostat, the furnace, the coil, the ductwork, and the outdoor unit. An example of why we do this; too many times most companies will miss diagnose low refrigerant and charge the trusting customer for more refrigerant. But a dirty coil, dirty blower wheel or high static pressure from ductwork problems is the actual culprit. I would like to tell you many, many more examples but I’m afraid you’ll get bored!! So please believe me there are many, many more.
  3. Gary’s performs a Static Pressure test on all ductwork: High static pressure in your ductwork is similar to high blood pressure in your body. It’s very bad, causes many problems, including major failure, and ultimately costs you unneeded utility costs and lack of expected comfort. If you’re considering someone other than Gary’s ask them if they check static pressure. Most won’t know what you’re talking about and the others will say it’s not necessary. FACT; all HVAC equipment companies want their equipment to have the proper static pressure because if it’s high you will lose efficiency and comfort.
  4. OPTIONS. This is one of my favorite parts. At Gary’s we believe the customer has 3 choices; 1. Repair, replace or do nothing. Please don’t think we’re trying to sell you something. Would you agree we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you all the options? But only if there’s no pressure. We feel we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t properly inform you of your options. I want all of our customers to say “buzz off” if they don’t want an option we’re showing.

So if your Air Conditioning or Heating Unit is acting up and you need to find out what is going on, give me a call at: (806) 318-1337

Gary Ward: Owner/President